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Handheld Flashlight Rechargeable Marine Spotlight with High Lumens CREE LED

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Main Features

- Uses high quality CREE Lamps. Providing you with truly 1020 lumens brightness.

- 6 Brightness Settings. Mode light: High, low, flash; Side light: high, low, SOS red and blue light.

- Irradiation distance is up to 2600ft. High light transmission glass and high quality aluminum alloy light cups provide better light transmission and heat dissipation.

- The spotlight is made from impact resistant ABS and Aluminum alloy to protect from drops and bumps. Due to the low density of aluminum alloy, although the fuselage is made of aluminum alloy, the overall searchlight weight is still very light.

- IPX4 Waterproof. But please note that this waterproof level is just ordinary waterproof, not water-resistant. Please don't put it in water.

- 9600mAh High capacity 18650 battery. From 8 hours at high 1020lm to a whopping 25 hours at low light mode. Charge time is about 5-8 hours. In addition, If you have relevant technical experience, you can also replace the battery yourself to get more capacity. The battery requirement of this spotlight is: a 18650 lithium ion battery pack, the battery pack supports up to six 18650 batteries, must be connected in parallel, the standard voltage is 3.7v-4.2v, the battery capacity is not limited.

- The handle part is ergonomically designed. Easy to grasp, long-term grip is not tired.

- IMPORTANT: Please don't look at the light directly while use, the light will hurt your eyes.

Rechargeable Spotlight with Serious Lasting Power / 6 Light Modes

- Nyxray spotlight can be easily adjusted to 6 brightness settings, includes spotlight and floodlight, can meet a variety of scenarios.

- Front spotlight mode includes High, Low, Flash. Side floodlight mode includes High, Low, SOS red and blue flashing. The Low setting lasts approximately 25 hours, Flash mode - about 15 hours, and High - up to 8 hours.

- Charge the searchlight for 5-8 hours before first use and make sure it is full. When charging, the indicator light will be red. When it is full, it will display green. When the light is dimmed, please charge the searchlight in time. Do not run out the battery to avoid damaging the battery life and Influencing brightness.

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