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Flashlights, LED Tactical Flashlight - High Lumen, 5 Modes, Zoomable, Water Resistant, Handheld Light

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Zoom in/out on the light for a wider range of visibility, or a focused area of light. When zoomed all the way out it lights up the whole living room. When zoomed all in it concentrates all the light down to one little glorious square of brilliance, which could be used for nighttime wildlife spotting.

Full Metal but Lightweight and able to take a beating. Made from aircraft grade materials, this is a high quality led flashlight you will get. Well made and will last for years. You will love the feel of this flashlight.

Pack of TWO Flashlights. You can leave one in the car just in case of an emergency, and leave the other one at home. PLEASE TAKE OUT THE BATTERIES WHEN NOT IN USE FOR A LONG PERIOD.


3 Brightness Levels. You can so easily adjust how much light you want or how big a section you want illuminated in the easiest way ever. Once the flashlight is on, slightly press the button again and release it to change the brightness and/or lighting pattern. No trying to turn it clockwise or fiddling with adjustment. You can just push/pull with the same hand you're carrying it with.

5 different modes: High, Medium and Low, Strobe, SOS. Setting all activated by the touch of a single rubber covered push switch in the rear.

This is a true version of a LED flashlight and is of a superior build quality. Perfect item to include in an emergency kit in your car , house, or boat. Take this flashlight with you on a dark night if your dog needs to go out. This is truly the kind of item that will make you wonder how you ever did without it.

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